this is a test transmission

I scored a free webcam at today’s new technology conference thingy! It was actually meant for clients but a friendly secretary slipped us coolies a couple. Next to the multi-card reader I scored from Halliburton last year, this is prolly the best haul I’ve ever gotten. I’d never have gone and bought a webcam myself so getting a freebie one feels nice. Testing the thing has been fun. Linda (she got one too) and I have been busy all afternoon making faces at each other through our webcams. Nevermind that she’s in the next cubicle next to me and can clearly see and hear me if she turns her head a mere 45 degrees. Haha. I’ve also positioned the gadget so I can see whether Boss #3 gets up from his desk and heads towards me. Ahh…. the wonders of technology.

But as with most things, there is a downside. I mean, how much fun can it be to look at yourself (for me it was fun for 5 hours)? And how eager are you for your online friends to see you scratch your itchy armpits/nipples/nose while you work? I had fun when Idlan turned her webcam on and I saw her do some sweeping/mopping but that, unfortunately, didn’t last very long. So unless all the people I like to chat with have webcams of their own, let me see their transmissions and also give feedback to my own, this baby will be kept in a box and only let out for a select few.


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