thank you giles martin

Stinky bought The Beatles, Love CD a couple days ago but I’ve only had a chance to hear it today (my GG obsession leaves room for little else). Right from Because, the first track on the CD, I was blown away. The goosebumps and breathlessness that comes from listening to an incandescent, beautiful piece of music attacked full force. I don’t care what the skeptics say about this just being another Apple ploy to make money, I am more than happy to part with my money for this piece of music history. Read here for The Guardian’s review on the CD. Alexis Petridis is less giddy and more realistic in his review than I am, but in the end, IMHO, he too falls under the spell of The Fab Four – remixed.

I am always happy to find a new band that rocks my butt off. If they’re Asian and sing in a foreign language I can’t understand, I give myself extra bonus points. The Great Spy Experiment sings in English but they fulfil the other criterias. Granted, they’ve only come out with a single CD containing 3 songs, but if the excellent Class ‘A’ Love Affair is anything to go by, well … at least they’ll have an amazing one hit in that first single of theirs. They have pretty tshirts too. Stinky bought one and I am forever nicking it.

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