all turkeyed out

Moist, luscious turkey before getting smothered with gravy.

Fudge from Traverse City, Michigan. In maple, vanilla and chocolate.

Pima. She’s really nice.

Stinky’s dinner plate.

Mangus the gentle giant poodle.

I shat four times today and no, I don’t have food poisoning or a bout of IBS. That’s how much I ate at TechBoss#1’s thanksgiving dinner last night. Stinky and I each had 2 helpings of everything and finally pies with dollops of whip cream. Mrs. TechBoss#1 is an amazing cook. We were practically weeping at the deliciousness of each dish. And they had pets! 2 dogs and a cat! Oh, it was so nice to be around dogs again. Especially ones as nice as these. Sigh. If only we could find a dog that would immediately bond with George and Atti.

I’m going back to the gym next week. There is a time when even I realise that I’ve been going overboard with the eating and feel heavy and lethargic all the time. It’ll be nice to wear my litmus test jeans and see that it’s loose instead of second-skin tight as it is now. It’ll also be nice to wear button down shirts and not have gaping gaps in between straining buttons. The idea is to look pixie-ish with my short crop. Not troll-like. Ha ha ha.


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