pulling bandaid duty

The US version cover of Top of The Pop.

Aidil rang me up a few days ago with some happy news regarding his band Couple. Their first pro-pressed album Top of the Pop will have their US release on the 28th of November.

This is what their label, Sizzleteen Records have to say about it:

One of the biggest Indie Pop bands from Malaysia are finally making their way over to the United States! Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you COUPLE. “Top of the Pop” is catchy from start to beginning (sic). If you are a fan of ‘good indie rock’, then this is your album. Amplifier Magazine calls it “terrifically tuneful and wonderfully endearing”. Kim from The Muffs is a fan. It comes with a bonus track you won’t get anywhere else! Can we say anymore?! Buy your copy today!

This item is available for preorder. Shipping will start November 28, 2006.

The gig flyer. Shah did a great job.

More music news, Aidil is also organising a gig on the 8th of December at Little Havana. Not only will Couple be playing (eeeiii…tak malu main gig sendiri), but some of my favourite Singaporean bands will be too. The Pinholes IMHO, is one of Singapore’s best kept indie secrets and rocks my hiney off. Meanwhile Popland is sure to put a smile on your face and a tippity tap to your feet. Dolly the Sheep? Well…. I haven’t heard any of their songs to be honest, but since Aidil (unless we include his love for doom metal has excellent musical taste) raves about them, I’m inclined to give them a try. So see you there. Look out for the short-haired Grouch who’ll prolly be on duty selling tickets. If you buy her beers, she’ll prolly let you in free. Ha ha ha. Gig details below:

Gig: Pop Tak Masuk Radio

Date: 8th December 2006

Time: 8.30pm

Cover charge: RM15 (inclusive first drink)

Venue: Little Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang

(contact Aidil at 017-3568994 for details)


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