Stuffed Turducken, originally uploaded by Rob Barker.

I first read about turducken a few years ago on the net. Then last year, National Geographic featured an article on it. Basically it’s a chicken within a duck within a turkey. Oh gosh, just typing that down made me hungry. Can you imagine the beautiful blend of flavours? Can you? Can you? Can you smell the delicious aroma of perfectly roasted birds? The heavenly accompaniment of well-made gravy? The tartness of cranberry relish?

I better stop before I drive myself insane and call up one of the hotels and beg them to make me turducken whatever the price. As it is, I am so broke I signed up for a Lunch and Learn (having free lunch while watching someone give a technical presentation) today on a subject I have no clue about nor ever will.

Turducken turducken turducken.


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