Rama 9

Above average chicken tomyam.

Very authentic pad thai.

Steamed pumpkin and custard. Awesomely good.

The monsters looking all sweet and lovely.

I don’t really like eating at the foodcourts in KLCC, though the 2nd floor one has become much more appealing since undergoing renovations last year. It’s not so much as snobbishness but more on not finding a stall that serves food good enough for me to crave. Oh that beef bowl rice place is ok, and the chinese stall serving various noodles is not bad either but give me a choice (and unlimited funds), I’d certainly go elsewhere. Until now.

It was actually Stinky who found Rama 9 and told me about the amazing pad thai. I took a bite and was very surprised at how good it was. Even better than some upmarket Thai restaurants. I immediately went and ordered their chicken tomyam, pad thai and pumpkin custard dessert. The cream on top is their drinks selection. You can have either iced ginger or iced lemongrass tea with your meal. I found both to have just the right amount of ginger and lemon grass and it wasn’t too sweet either (people usually put in a lot of sugar to mask the fact that the tea is very diluted). I had a chat with the stall owner who told me he imported his spices from Bangkok and had only started operations 3 months before. Whatever it is, the KLCC 2nd floor foodcourt is now our dinner location of choice. A fact that our wallets appreciate.


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