it would be like coming home

Last night Lil, Jules, Stinky, Linda, her husband Alan and I went to Izzi to celebrate my recent upgrade in the world of coolies. Linda and Alan recently called Jakarta home so the Izzi menu was familiar ground to them. It was a pleasure to see Lil and Jules enjoy their food though. Great food, even better company… it was an enjoyable evening. All these celebrations are killing me and my wallet though, and the end is nowhere in sight. Soon to come is the office pizza party (thankfully Hisham will share the cost), the makan thingy at home and lunch for the two newbies and Boss#2. Even looking at my payslip and the slight increase is cold comfort when it’s only the second day of the month and you’re dead broke already (without even starting to shop for X’mas gifts yet!). I foresee a month of homemade cheese sandwiches and maggi dinners. Hehe. However, I will NOT skimp during next week’s trip to Bangkok. I can hear Chatuchak and Shaman Bookstore calling my name already. What? What? Even the massage parlours are howling my name.

Tomorrow I have an informal meeting with my boss before the official one scheduled for next week. I’m supposed to come up with ideas on how to expand our business opportunities. On one hand I’m flattered they think I can come up with such lofty ideas. On the other, I’m like WHAAAAT?! It doesn’t help that I recently bought Season 4 and 5 of The Gilmore Girls and have been watching it non-stop. Business opportunities vs The Gilmore Girls. Pfft.


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