dynasty building

Congratulations to Shamyl and his beeyootiful wife Azian on the birth of their first baby, Sofia! Just like the Copollas!

Some idiot in the building shared his iTunes library with everyone on the network. Sharing is caring or so they say but not when you have kiddy porn and all sorts of other unsavoury things in your harddrive, mixed with the usual bad Malay 80s rock kangkang songs. Bengap betul lah. Mike is trying to figure out who the wanker is so we can tell him to pull the plug before the IT guys find out and he gets the sack. This would be funny if it weren’t for the possible implications.

Last night as we were shopping for kiddy/baby presents, Stinky and I found a magnetic doodle board. I think every kid of my generation had one, but I personally hadn’t touched one in ages. We spent a long time playing with it, drawing funny things and laughing ourselves silly. Stinky surprised me with his repertoire of funny faces. I’m sure if it weren’t for the RM70 price tag (it was a Fisher Price item thus the price), we would have bought the thing right there and then.

Scored a free lunch at Maredo’s from Tech Boss#1. I didn’t wanna go… he had invited a client of ours and I wasn’t keen on making small talk with a stranger (it usually gives me migraines) but he insisted. He said I was turning into a typical introverted geek who couldn’t/wouldn’t function at social outings and that I needed to learn how to talk with our clients. Pfft. It wasn’t so bad after all. The three of us talked about ice cream and rocks. Ha ha.


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