thick books and large fonts

I have always been fond of reading books meant for children or young adults, especially those that have won awards. My favourite has gotta be books that have won the Newbery Medal, but maybe I’m biased because one of my favourite books of all time is Dear Mr Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, a 1984 Newbery Medal winner.

Although usually not thick enough for my taste (and large fonts make things shorter!), I think children’s books have a kind of beautiful simplicity and honesty about them. Take the book Ghosts Cats by Susan Shreve. At first it seems like a lighthearted book about the problems of a young kid trying to fit in into a new school and his love for his pet cats. But read on and you find emotional depth and real sadness. For a book less than 1cm thick, I cried enough for buckets.

For those of you eager to try award-winning children’s books, Kino is having a sale. Just check the left side of the entrance near the escalator and you can find a whole bunch ranging from the winner of the Coretta Scott King award to the Laura Ingalls Wilder award. I already did damage to my wallet (and broke promise of not buying any more books till I finish the ones at home) by getting 3. I read one of them last night and by 11pm was bawling like a baby. Review later – maybe ;).


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