the document holder

Double compartments for easy (what else?) compartmentalisation.

Has clasps too.

The graphic that made Dali CRINGE.

The first day I was in Nice, I went to Virgin Megastore to find an adaptor. The one I brought had the same kinda pins but didn’t have the necessary hole to fit into French sockets. At the Euro 5 for everything! discount bin I found a Harry Potter pencilcase that was the perfect size and could double up as a document holder while travelling. There was also a pink Teletubby one but I’m not into fat, dancing things unless they’re pigs.
I quite like HP merchandise, though I must confess when there is a shaggable guy next to me, I hide the logo part of the holder.
I wouldn’t go as far as saying having this thing has revolutionised the way I carry my travel documents, but it has made things more efficient. Spare change and miscellaneous stuff goes into one compartment and passport and tickets into the other. I saw a lot of other people at the airport having similar leather versions…. maybe I’ll see the pink Teletubbies one someday.

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