my travelling MO

With the extended holiday coming up and people travelling to all sorts of places, I thought I’d share my travelling MO. I usually have to travel to destinations that require frequent and long transits inbetween, making it crucial that I have in my bag things that will help keep me sane. Don’t worry, it won’t weigh you down at all (trust me, the weight is negligible, especially compared to my monster of a lappie), but it did raise eyebrows the one time I had to unpack EVERYTHING in LAX.

The list may look like it’s a whole lotta stuff, but it isn’t. Everything can fit into a small plastic bag (lebih kurang A4 size?) from the supermarket. It all depends on the size of the items and if you’re lucky enough to find mini travel containers.

~ book – preferably light and small but thick enough for extended trips
~ First Aid kit – containing stuff like travelsickness pills, tummyache pills, etc
~ miniature Evian bottle – useful for washes down there in loos with no bidet/hose
~ panty liners and extra panties
~ TNS talcum powder – keeps groin and armpit area dry. Sparkles add a touch of glamour

~ cleansing wipes – wakes you up after touch down, more efficient than facial wash
~ toothbrush and paste – my mouth tastes like garbage even after short trips
~ tiny facetowel from IKEA (in plastic ziploc bag) – ’cause not every loo has paper towels
~ Kiehl’s lipbalm
~ miniature rosary – just in case there is a spooky occasion
~ baby pillow – ’cause one pillow is not enough. Besides, it has Georgie’s drool for sentimental reasons. Optional item on plane but essential on train and bus trips.
~ sweater/shawl – all planes and airports are arctic cold
~ breath mints
~ Whizzer – good for train trips and long bus rides

(An optional item is body lotion. I tend to stow it in my check-in luggage)

Comfort is very important to me when I travel. That’s why I usually end up not wearing a bra but just nipple stickers instead (can be substituted by bandaids). Guys do not understand how wearing an underwire bra for 36 hours straight can suck big time. Anyway, enough for now. Maybe there’ll be a Part 2.


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