my bison fetish

My bison made out of a septarian nodule from Utah.

The people in the office, especially the group of geologists I work with have been incredibly sweet about my recent promotion. We’ve been having lunches together, buying each other candy and Tech Boss#1 gave me a really awesome septarian bison. This Thursday we’re having steak at our favourite Argentinian place and after raya we’re having a pizza party. With only commercial jobs to concentrate on and no more mystifying finance, marketing, etc manuals to read, the office and work is a nice place to grow old in once again.

Every year I beg my secretary to beg her mom to make her delish pineapple tarts (I am a pineapple tart fiend) and tiny anchovies filo pastry twists. This year I managed to beg 2 canisters of the anchovy goodies but only 1 canister of the tarts. At the rate I’m inhaling the tarts and the frequent tart-visits of my officemates to my cubicle (must hide tarts), I’ll be lucky if the suckers last till Deepavali.


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