ticking things off

We went to IKEA today as promised but no bookshelf. The Expedit one I wanted was deemed too expensive by Stinky (at RM599 it was slightly on the high side). He tried to steer me to a vastly cheaper model but I was too disappointed to give it more than a glance. We did get other stuff though, stuff that warms my IKEA-loving heart when I think about them.

  • blue cotton bedsheet and pillowcases
  • red pillow
  • white pillow
  • clothes rack
  • red hangers
  • red clothespins
  • saucepan
  • plastic organiser box
  • cardboard box

I won’t give up the quest for a new bookshelf, no sirree. I think Stinky is slowly coming to realise that it’s better to give me what I want when I want it or end up spending more just to placate my sulking soul.

I’m going to a spa tomorrow! I am slowly ticking off the things I promised I’d do after my promotion. This is the first time I’m going for a spa session in KL and I am beyond excited. The spa’s website promises oodles of nudity and relaxation. OK, I lied about the nudity part but yes, I’m still looking forward to it. Clever me scheduled it right after my sunday school class so I won’t be tempted to skip sunday school. Heheheh..yeah, right.

My next harebrained project is to train George and Atticus to go for walks. They have not been cooperating, especially G, who refuses to move after his harness and leash is put on. It’s crazy. He just sits there frozen. Once we left it on for hours and he didn’t move in all that time except for a weird kinda creeping for a few inches. Either he’s as pigheaded as I am or just plain idiotic. Sigh. See Beebs, we need a dog. A DOG. Our cats refuse to be one.

Yesterday we went shopping at Parkson to use the cash vouchers that were almost due. After much deliberation we decided to spend the RM20 on new undies for Stinky. He goes through undies very fast. They end up all holey after just a few months (we joke he has acidic balls). Anyway, shopping for Stinky has always been difficult and this was no exception. We stood at the underwear section arguing over the merits of different styles and cuts for hours. In the end I just gave up though I did stand my ground when it came to sizes. Hehe. Poor man thinks his waist is still a modest 30 inches.

Ahhh..it’s good to spend Saturday night just lounging on the sofa and reading.

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