Lookin’ up

Ever since I got back, people at the office have been clapping my back, congratulating me and asking me if I feel relieved. I tell them yes, I’m enormously relieved, but truth be told it still hasn’t really sunk in yet. After 4 goddamn years of being made to jump hoop after hoop after hoop, it’s strange to know that I can stay right here at my current grade if I want to and no one can force me to go further. It’s also strange that the bosses actually ask me what I want to do now. Not that there is a hope in hell that they’d give me what I want (Aberdeen! New Orleans! Stavanger!) but it’s nice to be asked anyway.

I was contemplating having a bonfire party and burning all my study notes but decided it was a bit foolish. Better to pass it on to the next generation of sods going for their promotion review. After they pay me a certain premium of course. Or let me spank them with my shower brush. Hehehe..

I suddenly have this huge crush on Anjelica Huston. Yes, I’m weird that way.

With Stinky gone the whole Deepavali-Raya week, I’m entertaining certain naughty thoughts of going to Bali for a solo holiday. Actually what I really wanna do is visit the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, photograph some komodos and scuba dive. But Stinky has made me promise not to go there without him. He’s convinced if I go, some komodo will have me for brunch. How him being there will prevent that pleasant thought, I dunno. Especially considering the huge suckers run faster than humans, can swim and climb trees and are venomous to boot. Oh well. Bali pun Bali lah. Though you and I know that most prolly I’ll be stuck at the office and not within spitting distance of any beach or komodo dragon.

After much whining, Stinky has agreed to a new bookshelf from IKEA. I am beyond excited over this new development. I know in my heart it won’t solve the horrific mess at home but there’s something so satisfying in organising my books. Trashy romances at the back out of sight, poseur, smarty-pants books in front to impress the pizza delivery man.

Over lunch today, Technical Boss#1 taught me and Boss#3 how to repel attacking monkeys by kicking them in the chest, grabbing them by the shoulders and flinging them over your head (the lunch crowd at Nando’s were fascinated). Uhh…. Why can’t we just run away? Or better yet, avoid areas where monkeys are known to gather? I detest monkeys. Only Stinky thinks they’re cute. Cute? Try having a pack of those suckers hunt you down just ’cause you have a sandwich in your pocket.

Have a great weekend everyone. It’ll be my first one in a long, long time.


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