Back from Dubai a day early, but boy it was a nightmare catching that 0300 Emirates flight. Say what you will about KLIA but at least you can find an oasis of quiet there. Dubai airport was a seething mass of people from every nook and cranny of the world, most who believe in the not bathing regimen. The duty free shops were full of people trying to cram as many things as they could into their hand luggage. I saw a man buy five 10kg packs of detergent. Apa seh? But after laughing at the frenzied shopping, I too joined in. I was feeling guilty over not having shopped for the mandatory office goodies of chocolates, sweets, etc. Puasa or not, they’d be expecting something especially since the bosses had spread the good news of my passing the promotion review.

Yeah, passed. I’m sure by the very skin of my teeth. There were some awful moments when reviewers would ask me questions and all I could see was a blank wall. Effective Tax Rate? Blank wall. Our Business Ethics? Blank wall. Revenue cycle? BLANK WALL. The presentation went better, I felt. I thought there were some totally inane questions, but overall much much better than the ones I had to field in KL.

Back to normal, please God.


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