the history channel sucked me in

Spent yesterday ensconced on the hotel sofa, rekindling my love affair with the History Channel and watching show after show after show. I had my Finance manuals in one hand and the laptop was open to my project presentation but the prospect of finding out:

1) what happened in Shag Harbour
2) Shania Twain’s rise to fame
3) who was behind the Anthrax letters
4) Nelson’s victory against the French

was just too tempting. I am now repaying back my sillyness with a humongous panic attack. The reviews are tomorrow and I have just found out that I’m the only candidate up for review. Arghhhh…

I’m gonna lock the tv remote in the safe and forget the combination. I swear. Tonight I cram and do multiple dry runs of my presentation.

p.s- thanks for that spectacular dinner, ravi & dali. it was indeed an experience.

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