paint it black

I was chatting with The Machinist on how geeky we were and at what age we both got our first telescopes. Then a memory struck me: of me and pop on the porch of our home in Nacogdoches, setting up the telescope and trying to locate the moon. I was beyond excited to see the pockmarked surface of Mr Moon and trampled over mater’s tomato plants. But it was a special night and I didn’t get ticked off.

Things kinda disintegrated with mater this morning. I’ve been ok so far. Anger and work buoying me. But that memory suddenly hit me hard and I teared up. Things with the folks will never be the same again unless I marry a good Catholic boy who has a priest for an uncle, whose sister is a nun and we baptise legitimate children 10 months after the nuptials.

I’m leaving for Dubai Friday night. Review is on Monday and the presentation is on Tuesday. Wish me luck, folks. After all this we’ll have a party, yeah? My treat. You may bring Valium and Prozac as gifts.

I love this piece from Marina M.


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