buddhism seems very attractive right now

Dali’s train ticket to Monte Carlo.

Just finished my Q3 review with #3. As always after one of these little chitchats, I have a splitting headache and the depressing urge to jump in front of the KLIA Ekspres train. The fact that tomorrow I’m having another review (this time on Personnel issues), Friday the regional presentation and Saturday being the due date for the Structural Geology paper is also helping push me over the brink. Oh, and pop is arriving Saturday evening. A nasty little bird was happy to tell me that pop does not bring good news. Maybe the day they disown me over Stinky has finally come.

It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling now. On one hand, I’m all stressed out over work and the review process. On the other, yoyo-ing from deep worry to I-just-don’t-care-anymore about the whole family vs Stinky thing. Stinky, ever logical, says that we’ll just have to deal with things as they come and not to worry as it’s an exercise in futility. Me the worrier, cries and rage that I can’t help it and would he please be more understanding. How will I be this time next week? Disowned? Insane? Downright suicidal?

Buried I may be in my own personal hell, I’m glad I still find little things to be happy about. More pics have been posted. Nope, still none of rocks.

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