dry runs

I guess some people like walking around in their speedos.

Having done 3 dry runs of my presentation already, you’d think I’d feel more comfortable doing it by now. Not so. Everytime I test it on a new group of people, the old shakes and nausea faithfully visit. Doing another dry run this afternoon. Just typing that sentence down made me fart. Lil has kindly lent me her laser pointer till the final one in Dubai. Good friends help you go through so much.

I miss going to the gym and being more physically active. I’m convinced that if I go, I’ll sleep better too. Unfortunately this month is not the greatest for gym visits and the like. I’m already feverishly working to wrap up the daily crap by 7pm so I can at least have dinner with Stinky. To up the pace and finish by 6pm would be suicidal. I did consider running around the apartment block once I got home but have you ever tried to run after a big dinner that leaves you woozy and content? It’s all I can do to restart my lappie and practice my presentation when all I really want is to lie comatosely on the sofa.Tomorrow is the Isetan sale. Gaji tak masuk lagi. Bills dah sampai. Pfft.

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