my bag is a black hole

Ok. Yes, I know. Yeah, it’s the umpteenth time, I promise, but I just have to plug my bag again, the wondrous, the oh-so-best Voyage 65L. I managed to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes (field and office type), hiking boots, toiletries, stationery, empty duffel bag, miscellaneous items AND my laptop into it and still, STILL pass it off as legal carry-on size. I just detached its daypack coz I had my own Eastpak backpack that was comfortable to lug around on those long hikes around the Alps. The RM500++ price tag (it’s on 25% discount at Tearproof!!*) was worth every damn penny.

Even the bitchy minah at the Air France check-in counter in Changi couldn’t believe it.

Minah: No luggage to be checked in, miss?
Me: Nope, thanks for asking.
Minah: (raises overly thin eyebrows) Just how long will you be in France?
Me: Uhh, 2 weeks?
Minah: 2 weeks in France and you don’t have any checked-in luggage?
Me: No, I don’t. WHY do you ask?
Minah: (stands up to look at my pretty new backpack, looks at me from head to toe**, sniffs, sits down) I SEE.
Me: I bet you do.

Me and my big mouth. She put me in the middle seat, claiming that was the only one left. Mesti dia jealous saya pandai pack barang.

*nope, Tearproof or Eagle Creek ain’t paying me for endorsing this product

** I wasn’t dressed that bad! I was in jeans, black top, green linen button down from BI and Havaianas flipflops. My hair was neatly pulled back in pony tail and I had just had a shower! Pfft.


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