no winks

Struck by insomnia and jetlag, I found this ego-heartening post and immediately told Idlan, the only other person awake on my Yahoo list.
She laughed and said I was vain.
*pats back repeatedly*

Stinky’s going to Singapore tomorrow. His band has a gig and some tapings at MTV. I can’t go because of work and the heinous on-going promotion reviews. I’ve been pulling emotional strings and whining about him leaving so soon after I came back. It’s a credit to him that he just laughs and hugs me instead of giving me the setdown I richly deserve. For reasons I can’t reveal here, I’ve been an absolute wreck lately and not the easiest person to live with. I wish there was a happy pill out there but there isn’t so I’ll just have to deal with it.

People say I look thinner after coming back. Yeay! Must be the lack of carbs. Cheese, wine, orangina….what a life.


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