ticket to ride

So I’m off. After getting less than 4 hours sleep in the past 48 hours, I’m looking forward to taking Novomin (travel sickness pills) and conking out. Please no more frantic phonecalls from the clients and/or newbies in the middle of the night. Let Boss#2 handle it.Managed to pack everything in one bag, but the spare duffel is hogging up room and making the pack look fat. Hope it still fits into that metal thingy that measures carry-ons.In the rush this morning, totally forgot to give George and Atti customary hugs and kisses. I feel bad but it’s offset by the happiness that Stinky will send me to the airport. He very very rarely does. It’s not just the long drive or the prohibitive prices of KLIA Ekspres. Usually it’s work and other committments. KLIA holds some very sad memories for us. It’ll be good to balance it out with a good one today.

If photos of cavorting nude people on a beach looking like Dali and I come out, it wasn’t us. I swear.

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