one bag trip

I always have fun planning and shopping for trips, especially those with fieldwork in the agenda. There is a certain satisfaction from airing hiking boots, polishing my compass, packing my measurement tape and hammer and of course selecting which tshirts (Beatles? The Strokes?) to wear in the field. The objective is to wow everyone with your cool sense of fashion (HAHAHAHAH) but at the same time be comfortable and not mourn too much if you should fall and slide down a canyon and ruin said tshirt. Last year in Utah, it was the black&pink Beatles tshirt that featured in almost every photograph of me, I think this year it’ll be the white (or almost white since I spilled telur ikan masak lemak gravy on it tadi) Last Communist tshirt.

And the packing! I must admit that before every extended trip, I religiously pore over this website and see what new things are to be learnt on travelling light. Since I have no problem whatsoever with wearing clothes multiple times (as long as they don’t stink lah), I usually don’t have to bring more than 3 tshirts for any trip. The main problem is trying to make my clothes acceptable for almost any type of situation. Field to office to night out to fancy dinner to sightseeing. Shopping at British India and layering is an option but they’re ruinously expensive (although in their defense I must say that their clothes have a long lifespan). But in the end, it all becomes irrelevant anyway. Since I’m almost always cold, the only thing people will see is my thick green jumper. Sigh. So much for trying to be hip. Hahaha… I do so enjoy torturing you guys with my mundane life eh?

I’m very excited to pack my stuff in this. My goal is to bring just enough so that I don’t have to check in my luggage. Don’t worry, Dali, Iddy. I have an extra duffel inside should our purchases exceed the original bag’s capacity. *winks*

I’m leaving this Tuesday at 1930. I miss Stinks already.


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