music when the lights go out

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plane, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Sometimes when I sit on my balcony late at night, I see the regularly flashing lights of a plane high up in the sky. This sight has always made me kind of sad for some reason. Well, maybe not exactly sad, there are other things to be sad about. Melancholic would be a better word. I think of the people inside the plane a mile above me. I wonder where the plane came from and where it’s going. I wonder what the people in it are doing, thinking about. Do they look out their window and see the pinprick of light way down that is me? Are they feeling melancholic thinking of the people down here as I am thinking of them up there? When I fly to foreign lands and see the dim lights of a city in the middle of the night, I always check the map displayed on the seat monitor to see where I am. I’ve seen lights over Turkey, Germany, along the Colorado River….. I always wonder if they see me high up in the sky and sense that someone is wondering about them too.

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