0945 – Good morning. I keep looking at my previous post, you know, the one with the mohinga pics? I’m driving myself insane. I should hire a Burmese cook or get myself transfered to Myanmar so I can eat this stuff everyday. *sobs* I want more…… and Slowpoke Stinky is taking forever to crap and delaying breakfast. Eejit. Padan muka Spurs kalah semalam.

1130 – After fantastic bubur, soft-boiled eggs, kaya&butter toast, a few spoonfuls of nasi lemak and an iced chocolate, mohinga isn’t so high on my list of obsessions anymore. Now I just want icecream.

1200 – The Road to Guantanamo is very good. I’m horrified. I’m gonna say a prayer for Monir tonight.

1300 – Wedding in Bangi. It was fantastic to see the bride and groom. Not so thrilled about meeting old aquaintances. I do wish smug marrieds wouldn’t twitter and give me pitying looks when I tell them I’m not married. Lady, if all you got from ‘legalising’ your bedroom shenanigans was ending up looking like a hag, then joke’s on you. Haha.

1330 – Whoa! Saw signboards telling me an old ‘friend’ was getting married today too. For just a minute contemplated pulling out the boards and setting them on fire. Tsk tsk. Am not nice today.

1500 – I hate reading all this Marketing material…whylah I bodoh schedule the review on Tuesday.

1530 – Skipped Sunday school again. Me bad.

2258 – I like the fact that Gol & Gincu addresses real issues and doesn’t try to make everything PC Malaysian style.

2315 – I am waiting for Stinky to come back from the Sheila on 7 concert across the street so he can open a jar of pickles for me. How long is the thing anyway? I want my bloody pickles! Argh!

2339 – I can still hear Sheila on 7 from across the street. Finish up already! I want my pickles! Just so everyone suffers with me, am not feeding cats till Stinky comes back. Take that, fatsos.

2341 – Ate mini tub of icecream. Nope, didn’t work. I still want my pickles. The fact that it’s a new brand and flavour I haven’t tried before is making things all the more tempting. I do love my pickles …

2347 – I think I pulled a chest muscle trying to open that darned pickle jar. I hate So7.


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