Mohinga to weep for

After waiting 2 years from the last time he invited us home for his wife’s homecooked mohinga (or mohingar), Ato kindly invited us again. We went wild in anticipation and urged him to finish up what ever he was doing in his cubicle so we could go home.

Special dried chilli flakes from Ato’s kampung.
His wife made these awesome dhal cakes. We went ballistic.
Yummy additions for the mohinga.
Kuey tiaw.
The final result. I had 5 bowls.
I swear. After 2 years of waiting, it tasted as divine as I remembered it to be. After my third bowl, Ato’s wife tried to clear my plate thinking I was done. I shamelessly yanked took the bowl back from her and proceeded to eat a fourth and fifth helping. Do not get between a Grouch and her mohinga. It’s almost like a pelanduk mati ditengah-tengah kinda situation.
After some searching on the net, I found that Ampang Point has a Burmese restaurant. Guess where I’m going for dinner soon?

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