that nobody

I’ve lost count the number of times university students come to my office for some interview, technical talk or other, take one look at me in my gear and immediately deduce that I am beneath their notice. Most look away with an almost audible sniff. Very few offer smiles. Then those who linger near the main reception desk open the company brochures neatly stacked on the counter, see moi inside doing my thing, look swiftly back up at me and gape. It makes my day every single time. I don’t really get it. Why the derision in the first place? I’m not dressed that bad. Everything is clean, neatly pressed and coordinated. Nice perfumey smells waft from me. I don’t wear oversized tshirts nor are my jeans badly fitted or torn. Granted, sometimes I wear flipflops but so what? I’ve seen people in power suits wear house slippers while in the office and none of their clients are around. One even goes barefoot. But even if I did look like a complete hag, work as the janitor or was the resident tea lady, why the sniff, my I-carry-shopping bags-’cause-I-wanna-show-I-shop-at-Levi’s friends? Is the notion you only have to be nice to upper management or so called authority figures so ingrained in you that you forget basic good manners? Are you not aware that recruiters are wary of people who have ‘situational values’ or try to pass off bullshit to those perceived as subordinates? Read this article about how managers guage job applicants’ attitudes and laugh. I’m sure you’ve met one or two.

I just love articles on how to travel light. Don’t you?


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