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it’s that bridge again . . ., originally uploaded by rockstro.

I’m exhausted. After a whole day getting quizzed by our business analyst on finance concepts and scrutinising page after page after page of balance sheets and profit & loss statements, I am ready to blow my brains out. And this is only the first step. Next week I go through the whole thing in more excruciating detail with his boss, our finance controller. Yippee.
I also found out that I have to write a technical paper on top of having to present a bloody fucking powerpoint presentation of my project. Yippee.
Also next week, I have to answer like 50 questions on where I think I want my career to go and what I want to do after getting promoted. This includes making a graph of my motivation levels since I started working. Double yippee.
But the triple yippee is reserved for the fact that the long hard slog ihas just started.
I think to keep my sanity, I’m gonna make a list of all the things I will reward myself with once this whole painful process is over.

1. Go to a spa. Any spa. Whatever the cost. On a working day.
2. Spend the whole salary increment on books, clothes, bags, shoes, highlights, furniture from IKEA, fluffy towels, perfume….
3. send myself a flower basket complete with teddy (like yours, Ly!)
4. bring George and Atti for their innoculations
5. throw dinner party for loved ones
6. go to Bangkok with Stinky
7. give The Ret and Little Bro the stuff they’ve been whining for
8. Send resume to Mr AA for kicks
9. facial
10. buy toiletry set from L’Occitane and use without guilt after gym visits

I’m feeling better already.


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