tying the knot and the whole shebang

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Wedding card, originally uploaded by sonjashin.

I cleaned my desk today. Got rid of expired bills, mailers and a dozen CDs. I also found a bunch of wedding invitations from various friends and acquaintances dating all the way back to 2003. I find it hard to throw away wedding invites, especially those of close friends or the really pretty ones. So much thought and expense had been put into them.

Shall we go with leaf green or baby blue?
Shall we pick perfumed or plain?
Paper type and weight?
The actual wording?
Who shall we send it to?
Who deserves it?

It seems so callous to just chuck it in the bin for recycling.

You also wonder how the couples themselves are faring. Are they happy? Any regrets? Do they like each other still?

I think I’ll just gather all the invites into one pile and consider binning them another day. Damn you Dashboard Confessional for making an emo grouch outta me.


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