what a bird!

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Northern Gannet, originally uploaded by Edgar Thissen.

It’s funny how good weekends make it harder to face Mondays. I think instead of using my one-large-mocha-latte a week quota on Friday, I’m gonna use it tomorrow instead. Ugh. I blame it all on the super nasi padang I had for lunch…I almost didn’t make it home to go to sleep. And when I did wake up 6-ish, it was to the sad realisation that I had missed Sunday school yet again. I had slept so deeply it took me a full 15 minutes to get up and make some attempt at cleaning the house. Some attempt? Instead I logged on and chatted with Idlan about our rendezvouz in Paris. Apartment floor remains grimy and sink full of dishes. Sigh. Well, hiring maids are cheaper nowadays, kan? Maybe…..;)


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