The Lake House with spoilers

After much argument, we went to see The Lake House. Stinky was very hesitant at first, he wanted to go see Slither or The Dorm, nevermind that I have a weak heart when it comes to horror/suspense/thriller movies. He tried to tempt me by saying that Slither was a geek movie that had a scientific slant to it. What? He thinks I can’t read reviews online? Then he announced that The Dorm was made by the same director as Shutter. That freaked me out. For a person who suffers from chronic back pain, Shutter totally scarred me for life (see the movie and you’ll understand what I mean) . Things were finally settled when I said he could go ahead with those movies – I’d just wait for him at work (Boss#3 back next week!!!). He ungraciously gave in with much grumbling and duly went off to get the tickets.
To be honest, I was rather apprehensive too. A remake? Keanu and Sandra again? It was wonderful from the word GO though. I’d have cried a flood if Stinky didn’t keep pointing at Keanu and asking, “I’m good, eh? So handsome.” or “Do you prefer a white Keanu or a black one?” For a movie that plays with time sequences, it was pretty believable and easy to follow. So much so that I almost smacked the couple beside us who had to have loud conversations after every scene ’cause they had to explain the plot to each other. The only sore point with me was that Sandra didn’t remember it was Keanu that she kissed 2 years ago. I mean hellooooo…someone who looks like Keanu and you kiss at the very first meeting ’cause you had so much chemistry but you forgot the day after? Pfftt.
It was good to see Sandra Bullock in a role that wasn’t cutesy pie-ish. Keanu is as delicious as ever, even more than the Paula Abdul days. But my pick for best actor has to be Jack the dog. Hey Jack, my cats sleep like you too.


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