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dog show [friends], originally uploaded by slight clutter.

This picture perfectly illustrates why I love dogs. They’re the funniest clowns and the most loyal companions. I’ve been campaigning to get a beagle… so far no luck. Tried the teary-eyed in front of dog trick but Stinky is a hard-hearted man. He did concede that we’d get some sheepdogs if we ever have a farm. You know, to round up sheep and goats. Hehehehe..

Well we finally got the Last Communist tshirts yesterday. I like Silverfish. It has that booky smell of old musty books but without the dust. Didn’t find anything tempting though.

Found a great shop selling evening dresses in Sg Wang last week. Sizes XS to XXL for every dress! There was a tall, plus-sized girl in the shop squealing coz she found the perfect dress and it fit her beautifully. Hey, I know the feeling sister. So what does a smart Grouch do? She buys herself another dress to wear to Pisang’s wedding!

Boss#3 emailed to say he’ll be back 3 days late. Hooray! Will skive and go to IKEA. LOL.


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