The Last Communist

We finally saw The Last Communist today. We really enjoyed it. I liked the interviews and the scenes of rural life in Malaysia. Stinky and I laughed ourselves silly during the Malaria song and the one about tin and rubber (“….bila dunia perlukan tin dan tayar, Malaya rela…”). Did it make me want to become a communist? No. Did it glamourise communism? No. Did it make Chin Peng look like a hero? Nope. Was it boring? Absolutely not.
What our politicians saw in it to deem it as a threat to national security, I don’t know. Then again, it’s an exercise in futility to logicise the acts and announcements of our esteemed elected leaders. Better to just watch the movie and enjoy it for what it is – informative entertainment.
Since owning a DVD of this movie is illegal in Malaysia, how about showing support to Amir and his crew by buying the tshirts? Stinky and I have been busy these last Saturdays so we haven’t had a chance to go to Silverfish to get ’em yet. Any friends who go, I’d appreciate it if you could get 2 extras. Gracias.


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