all ’cause of you

Got tired of looking at Fazura’s luscious bronzed cleavage on MTV Jus while waiting for Couple’s Now That I Can See video so here I am blogging about how sorry I am I didn’t wake up earlier to have a Big Breakfast at Ms Read’s. Actually I did wake up at 7.30am but after a discussion with Stinky on food vs recouping missed sleep, I must shamefacedly admit that sleep won and I only resurfaced at 10am. Yeah, we can go after the show ends at 11.30am but that would mean reaching Bangsar at 12pm, finishing the yummy brekkie at 1pm, getting home by 1.30pm and leaving me only 1 hour left for napping before having to get ready for the blasted Sunday School my mom made me promise to attend. Yes, as you can see, I take my weekend nap times very seriously.

Pfft. The video didn’t come out. Idiot informer. I missed my Big Breakfast for nothing. Pffft.

[Note: A Ms Read’s Big Breakfast consists of: freshly squeezed OJ, coffee/tea (Earl Grey!!), 2 eggs (sunny side ups/poached, bebeh!), grilled cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, a huge slice of toast. Oh no. Now I want.]


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