ode to thee, o lemon drops

Couple – 20 July 2006, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

My head is pounding like a brass band has taken residence inside. I guess it wasn’t too bright to test if Lemon Drops were as good as The Food Whore said they were (it is, it soooo is…) on a work night then proceed to drink *ahem* a few. I was ok last night, until the end where I started to get touchy feely with some cuties and had trouble negotiating the flat floor. Stinky could only shake his head and laugh. He is always amazed at how happy and talkative I am when I get tipsy, as opposed to being the quiet, grumpy bookworm sitting in a corner. I took some great pictures though (Hi, my name is Modest Grouch). It helped that The Laundry has great lighting around the stage area.
Made some new potential friends who share the same interests. Finally met Meesh and her lovely friend Winnie (Jimmy and Nong’s SOON!). It was also great to see Izairi, Iedil and Daniel again. I couldn’t take my hands off Izairi (it was the Lemon Drops effect!)…..the poor boy must be scarred for life.
Oh but the band!. Couple was phenomenal last night. I had such a great time. Aidil, Ihsan, Hana and Ojoe looked like they had a wonderful time on stage and that manifested itself in the music. It was also bittersweet as it was the last time Hana and Ihsan were playing for Couple. Aidil was bitterly disappointed no girl came onstage to kiss him happy birthday *shakes finger at Alia*. Hahaha..

To my friend in the South, everything will be ok. We love you.


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