money matters

I had to attend a Finance course today as part of the long and painful process to get promoted. The two presenters did their best to explain concepts such as Profit & Loss, Net Income Statement, Receivables, Balance Sheets, Fall Through, Sarbane Oxley guidelines and a whole lot of other gobbledygook. We all walked out ashen faced. How will we ever get through the oral exams?

To top it all off, the salmon sandwiches served during the course is giving me a bad case of the runs and severe nausea. Sigh.

It’s Stinky’s birthday today. He’s 29. Although the Coldplay concert tickets were my gift to him, I can’t help feeling guilty that there’s nothing for him today from me. I forgot to get him a card (and the florist downstairs is closed already) and no cake either. I do hope by the time my birthday rolls around the corner, he’d have forgotten. Maybe some nookie will help. Hahahhaa..


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