and your bird can sing

A friend once asked me whether I’d consider buying an RM800 pair of jeans. I said no rather quickly. Even if they fit superbly?, she asked. Yeah, I replied. RM800 was just a bit too pricey for denims, even if they did for once go past your knees.
I think I’ve changed my mind now. I mean, I still think that anything over $300 is too much to pay for jeans but if it makes you happy and gives a bright shine to your day, go for it. Whoever said that the benefits of retail therapy is too fleeting just doesn’t know the excitement of a Size 12 and above person finding something that fits and looks good in non-plus sized stores. If celebrities say that happiness comes in the form of a Hermes Birkin bag, then let us mere mortals have our little joys too. Case in point, I blew a wad of cash on rebonding treatments for my hair recently. Stinky turned a pale shade of green when he found out how much it cost (and even then I only told him 75% of the real value) but even he had to admit that I’ve been a happier Grouch to live with the past week. I don’t moan and groan anymore at the bird’s nest masquerading as hair. I spend less time drying my hair. And it takes me a good 10 minutes less to get ready in the mornings. So yeah, sometimes spending a bit more than you usually would does reap its own rewards. The casting offer I received last week was no accident, I can tell you that. And no Mike, it wasn’t as an extra in an adult movie. HAHAHAHAHA…


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