I found THIS on Couple’s myspace page. Flabbergasted is too mild a word to describe my reaction after reading the last paragraph.

July, 20 2006 8.30pm at Project Bazooka @ The Laundry – FREE SHOW!!
The Laundry Bar @ The Curve, right opposite Cineleisure mall, near IKEA, Kuala Lumpur, Cost: Free
This time we’re playing a full-on electric set!! Either a one hour set, or two 30 mins sets. So come all and let’s burn the house down!! It’s FREE, so bring ALL your friends, and make sure to get our CD from us there, we’ll need the money to eat in the States!!
Plus, it’s Aidil’s birthday on the day of the gig, July 20th!! He wants prezzies!! Give the bugger something okay? Tell him that he looks like Keanu Reeves, but with dark skin. He’ll love it!! LOL!


This is what happens when you have huge 4×4 posters of Keanu in your room at the age of 15.

Yesterday while chatting with the man himself on MSN, Aidil asked whether I thought Zehan Marissa would be at the gig and if she’d come onstage to wish him happy birthday and give him a peck on the cheek.

I still haven’t stopped laughing. He has no idea where his birthday kiss will come from *sinister music*.


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