Know Your Onion!

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Couple on MTV Rockit!, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Stinky has upped and left for Singapore to attend the Baybeats Music Festival. The excuse this year is the highly anticipated set by The Posies (I met Ken Stringfellow in KL!!!!). Having to work this weekend, I was relieved at first, although slightly jealous that he’d get to eat at Es Teller 77 multiple times. Nevermind, I told myself. I had wanted a long pedicure session anyway and possibly a Thai massage. I also wanted to get some serious reading done, which is a bit hard when your other half is watching fascinating movies on DVD and you get sucked in whether you like it or not. Throw in a couple nap sessions in between and I’d have a pretty full weekend. Plans tend to go awry however and besides working, napping and reading, nothing else has been done. I also miss the bugger to bits and am ready to chew his head off for not being more persuasive on my coming along. Finding out that it’s THIS weekend Dali is back in Singapore didn’t help much either. Pfft.

The Raw and the Kooked gig last Thursday turned out to be a blast. No pics of any performers (no, not even the yummy Beezewax boys or Ken Stringfellow) as I was downstairs selling tickets. I did hear everything though and what a pleasure that was! There were some fantastic songs by the Deserters and Couple was outstanding as always. Beezewax were rocky and fun. Ken, well Ken was awesome. He could have burped ABCs and we’d still have found him fascinating. Hehehe…maybe even more so. The great part of the night was scoring tshirts and CDs by Beezewax for helping them sell merchandise. If all gigs were like this, bring it on! The only sour note in an otherwise magical musical evening was the number of so called ‘big man of the scene’ and ‘rockstars’ who tried to get in for free. Joking and asking to be let in for free is fine by me – I can always laugh and say no. But using all kinds of devious methods or even ignoring requests to please pay is not. Especially if you pull the ‘I’m a superstar coz my band is adored by a whole bunch of twitterpated hipsters’ schtick. If a college kid who lives on his PTPTN money and a real bigshot like Joe Kidd can uncomplainingly pay the measly RM15 entrance fee, I really can’t see why you, the self-professed saviour of the Malaysian indie scene, can’t. So the next time I hear you complaining about non-paying gig goers at a show you organise, don’t be surprised if I snort 100Plus out my nose and laugh at you sarcastically. Or the next time I hear you blab about the lack of support for the local indie scene, I cough something that suspiciously sounds like *cough* asshole.

Hipsters and scenewhores aside, thanks again to the organisers for asking me to help out. It was a pleasure! I made so many new acquaintances and even received a casting invitation! *pengsan* Daryl, the tshirts were great and I can report that one will go to Dubai and another to Colchester, England. Zack, I’m glad I finally met your lovely wife. Aidil, thanks for the nasi ayam cannibal + coke!

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