when the shit hits the fan…

[14:57] tante girang: tadi i berak…
[14:57] tante girang: but masa the taik stuck in my bumhole..
[14:57] tante girang: i tibatiba kentut power
[14:57] stinky mencari tante girang: ahahaha
[14:57] tante girang: and out it flew!
[14:57] stinky mencari tante girang: so jadik missile!!?
[14:57] tante girang: yup!!! missile! hebat tak?
[14:57] stinky mencari tante girang: heybattt
[14:58] tante girang: terpercik air terus!
[14:58] tante girang: it was tht powerful!
[14:58] stinky mencari tante girang: AHAHAHA
[14:58] stinky mencari tante girang: yuckkkk
[14:59] tante girang: terer kan? i’ve been patting myself on the back ever since…


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