hot air on a Friday afternoon

I wanna do something new with my hair. Every once in a while I get insane urges to do something to it and another episode has arrived. At first I was content to just leave it long and hastily twirled into a haphazard bun but looking at the pics Ili took, I find that I look like a grumpy squaw with flat hair, rather than the oh-so-sophisticated-I-don’t-care look I was trying to achieve.
People at the office have been full of ideas (which leads me to believe they’re sick of my hair too). There is a Straighten Your Hair camp, a Curl Your Hair camp and finally a Cut Your Hair camp. We’ll see, we’ll see. The most likely outcome is I decide I’m too lazy to get out of bed tomorrow and cancel my appointment.
One good thing about this cold is all my meds knock me out everynight. Fantastic for an insomniac. After drifting off at 11.30pm, I don’t recall any waking episodes till 6am where the alarm rouses me from my drool saturated pillow. I don’t even hear George and Atti knocking over chairs and fans.
With Boss#3 being away, I am at a loss. My drive has gone. I do my work languidly and leave the office early at 7pm. I try hard to remind myself of the metre-long TO-DO list he left behind but….so far no good. It’s almost like I’m on vacation too! Ha ha ha. Maybe I’ll start coming in at 9am these 5 weeks…..
Watched Superman last night. My suspicions that he shagged Lois Lane is finally confirmed. Stinky and I are amusing ourselves by plotting out the next Superman installment.


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