dry taps

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When Waves Collide – Zoomed, originally uploaded by acastellano.

So after getting my panties in a twist coz Stinky wouldn’t hear of us moving to Crowne Plaza for a night, I had to settle for a 1 baldi ‘bath’ last night with water taken from the fire hose. This morning it was another half baldi (yes, saya tak suka mandi sejuk). I felt sticky and dirty, although I’m sure it was all in my head. Stinky of course felt the full brunt of my displeasure. Being Stinky and my other half, EVERYTHING is his fault, logical or no.
Today after a phone call to the apartment maintenance office, the mystery of the dry tap has finally been solved. The wankers had cut the supply due to non-payment of bills. WTF! I had paid each and every single bill that came along promptly and faithfully as befits a person with an ISFJ personality. What really bothered me was they had done the deed without even sending a notice or even a bill! Usually a 7 day grace period would be given to non-payers. They better not hope for me paying the reconnection fee.
I did wanna go and stay at the Crowne Plaza :(. There goes a perfectly legitimate excuse.


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