*cough cough cough*

I hate performance reviews. It’s July already! The end of Q2!Where has the year gone?! I have so many things left undone in my objectives list it’s scary. Sigh. Will get shitty rating and get shitty bonus at year-end.

Partypooper Stinky is auditioning new guitarists for his band. He’ll be meeting one this evening. I suggested he ask the wannabe-guitarist for a deposit if he wanted to play so badly. Stinky didn’t think it was funny. Anyway, I think I like this guy. Stinky reported that they were supposed to meet at 1830 but at 1300, the guy called him up and apologised to say he’ll be 20 minutes late. Punctual and well-mannered….I like. We’ll see what time he shows up. If he’s late, it’s a deposit for sure.

One of my colleagues in Indonesia was thrilled when she learnt that Stinky had a band. When she found out that Stinky et al. were playing in Bandung and we had mutual friends she was doubly thrilled. Apparently her husband used to be in a band too. We compared notes on being girlfriends of musicians ….. she said she couldn’t take girls throwing themselves at him and asked her then boyfriend to choose between her and his band. WOW. I guess Stinky’s band isn’t big enough to have girls throwing themselves at him yet. Damn. Hahaha… To be fair, there have been incidents where girls have gushed over Stinky and pretend that I’m not there *waves to a certain pink-bedecked girl*. Stinky has strong self-preservation skills however and is quick to introduce me and end the gushing. An ignored Grouch is almost as nasty as a hungry Grouch. Hahaha..

Even though I didn’t play at the squash tournament, the organisers have awarded me 3rd place anyway …. since there were only 2 other ladies playing. Yeay.

I’m trying hard not to get insulted by the comments that a newbie is making.

~ Can you help me with this issue? That is if you can remember that far back in your career…
~ I saw your pic at University X. You sure have piled on the pounds since then, huh?
~ Why are you so busy? Why do you leave so late? No life ah?

I think we have a male JJJ on our hands.


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