anger management issues

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I was telling Stinky last night that sometimes when I get annoyed by people once too many times, I tend to shut them out till I’m not annoyed anymore. This is a self-preservation tactic. I don’t like myself when I get angry and I’m sure other people won’t either. So better to retreat and cool down rather than burst out vitriolically and damage relationships. I wish I could say something at the first annoyance instead of bottling things up but that’s just me and poor Stinky has to live with it. Hahaha..I remember one of the worst times I got mad at him. It was at a gig faraway from KL and we had driven there very early in the morning. After his band played in the afternoon, Stinky insisted we had to stay coz he wanted to watch a couple more bands and sell CDs at the same time. We finally left around 7pm and what does the bugger do when it was his turn to drive? He promptly falls asleep at the wheel. I drove all the way back almost incoherently angry with him sleeping in the passenger seat. When we finally reached home around 1am, I knew that if I were to open my mouth to say something, I’d burst into tears while doing a fantastic impersonation of a hag. So I kept my mouth shut and tried to go to sleep – a hard task when all you want to do is bash someone’s head in. Something good did come out of that incident though. Stinky is now more realistic about his night driving prowess and we don’t stay that long at gigs anymore. Maybe if I do a couple more flare ups, we’ll leave the minute his band finishes a set. Hah!


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