Woke up, slept, and did the whole thing again

Congrats to Germany! It was a marvelous game last night but even that didn’t prevent me from falling asleep 9 minutes into extra time. The nasi goreng kambing I had for dinner is to be blamed for the surreal dream I had about Jurgen Klinsmann.

With 5 minutes to go to the final whistle, Jurgen (we were on 1st name basis) went into a rage and resigned as the team coach. This enabled him to don a jersey and play. He totally smashed Argentina and later on in the team’s dressing room he called me up on his mobile to say it was only through his love for me that he was able to score so many goals. We then moved to someplace called Baden Baden and lived happily ever after.

What the bloody hell, huh? Very disturbing dream aside, it was a great game and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the match highlights this morning. I was actually rooting for Argentina but the way those German youngsters played …. it was beautiful.

Ever since Idlan showed me the Threadless T-Shirts website I’ve been a fan, but it seems every single tshirt I love is out of stock the minute it comes out! That Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow shirt is just PERFECT for the office. Boss#3 would have a shit fit just looking at it.

I had to miss my squash tournament today. Had to reconcile myself to the fact that I was a wheezing, sniffling grouch. There goes the title…I wonder who won?


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