jakarta sekarang

The first time I flew to Jakarta almost 4 years ago to the day, I was in my own hell of personal misery. I had just said goodbye to Stinky and neither of us knew when we’d see each other again. It could be 2 months of even a year. I was on my way to my first field assignment in Kalimantan and the future, though exciting, looked very lonely Stinky-less.

It was all very different today. Although I flew with the same carrier, the same day and if the flight wasn’t delayed, almost the same time, things were different. Yes, I’m 15kg heavier and I’m making waaaay less money now but this time I was happy. My eyes weren’t raw from crying straight through the night. My heart wasn’t thumping painfully in my chest. To be honest, this afternoon my most pressing concern was whether the steward would remember to serve me the bread roll I asked for (he did after I gave him a hungry look).

I guess the fact that Stinky will be joining me in Jakarta this Wednesday helps. But I’ve noticed that when we’re apart, it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. No way am I saying that I love the bugger any less. I think we’ve just grown more sure of each other although Stinky still gets threatened with incendiarism when he chats with unknown girls and our relationship. I for one am glad of the transition. I used to get so depressed whenever I was away, lessening my joy at exploring new places. Now I just take a deep breath and take mental snapshots of the things I experience to share with Stinky later. Plus, it’s good not having to share a chocolate ice cream cone sometimes. Hehehe..

Oh, and the hotel room is helping loads with any homesickness I might have felt. It’s humongous! Almost as big as my apartment at home and 100 times more luxurious. In the 3 hours I’ve been here, I’ve taken 2 hot showers, ate something called konro panggang makasar and took a short bubble bath. I’m going back home wrinkled as a prune.


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