Still smiling smugly for having woken up early and getting everything sorted out beforehand, I dragged my duffel bag to the MAS check-in counter at KL Sentral. I should have gotten wind of the things to come when I was stopped by a lady and told I couldn’t check-in unless I bought my KLIA Ekspres ticket first. WTF! (or WRT! in Dali-language) I said. But no, she insisted so I off I went back to Stinky and the car to get my wallet. Having bought the ticket, I tried to go to the check-in counter again. No, no, said the same lady. I need to inspect and stamp the train ticket. Sigh. More fishing in wallet for ticket stub. After duly getting the ticket stamped, I trudged over to the counter. Surprise! said the MAS officer. Your 1345 flight is cancelled and we’ve booked you on the 1630 instead.

And that is the reason why I’m back at home listening to Stinky snore in unison with George and Atti. I hope the people in Hotel Mulia Senayan don’t give my room away.


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