I’m laughing over it now but at that time it was baaaaaaaaad. From the very first, it was bad. Everyone was friendly but they all gave me the wrong information! I remembered where the visa office was from 4 years back but a scary looking officer directed me elsewhere — right into a teeming mass of humanity. I wandered around looking at some very interesting sights but I was anxious about work waiting for me back in the office and the fact that it was hot like hell. There were half naked kids, men with very very big hair and vendors selling satay! By the time I found the right place, I was sweating like a pig. Even the a/c in the special visa section didn’t help much. I’d queued for about 10 minutes before I reached the counter. Then I was told I had to fill in some forms. What forms? I asked. Oh there in that box under the table, a nice lady said. So it was another 15 minutes before I met the nice lady again. I asked her if Visa #439 was a Business Visa. She said yes. That got me worried. Before I came I had thoroughly checked the prices of all visa types online and the most expensive was the Business Visa for RM230. To be safe I brought an extra RM50. So RM280 was all I had on my person. RM230? Not so, the nice lady said. That information was obsolete. Multiple entry BVs cost RM280. And no, they don’t accept credit cards or personal cheques. The nearest ATM was RHB a kilometre away. The visa office was gonna close in 20 minutes. In desperation I accosted a nice-looking gentleman (hi Siva!) and asked for RM10 cash and in exchange gave him a cheque. Then I ran back to the visa office with 10 minutes to spare and panted while the lady sorted out my documents.

“That’ll be RM135, miss”, she said.
“Whaaaat? But ibu, you said RM280!”
“Yes, but that’s for multiple entry business visas, mbak. You only need the single entry type.”

I really didn’t know what to say, so I just smiled, gritted my teeth and waited for my visa pick-up slip. Then I went back to the office. Damn. I didn’t even get my ass pinched.


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