mack the knife

I always thought he was a bit of an idiot, but saying that employers requiring job applicants to speak Mandarin is discriminatory takes the cake. Certain jobs need specific skills and Mandarin just happens to be one of those skills. How about employers requiring English-speaking applicants then? Is that wrong too? Glocal my ass.

Girl: Do you like me new blouse?
Boy: Oohhh…pretty. You know I always like you in white.
Half an hour later.
Boy: I likelah your blouse. I like it a lot. Do you think it would look good on me?
Girl: You’re really tring to come out of the closet aren’t you?

Went to my lawyer to sign the loan agreement. I also had to initial a 1-foot thick stack of documents while the lawyer watched and made encouraging noises each time I sighed. For that unenviable pleasure, I paid 4.5K. Damn, these people make easy money.

The trip to Jimmy’s last night was a success. We all ate till we could hardly breathe. Tried to entice Idlan to stick around longer by telling her about our favourite kopitiam but futsal’s appeal was too strong:(. Well, maybe it was a good thing. I had to lie down as soon as we reached home. Hehehehe..

This is just so wrong.

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