The 88 Part 2

I think I watched this video 15 times today. It’d be more but fortunately I’m off to Jimmy’s with Idlan and Stinky in a few minutes.

I got a letter from the developers saying that I needed to pay them 26K by July. Needless to say, jantung saya berhenti berdegup and I went cold as ice. Called them up and they cheerfully explained that that 26K was the 10% discount they gave buyers but they sent this letter out anyway – just for kicks. After breathing a sigh of relief, I almost went ballistic. They just shaved 5 years off my life. 26K would mean maxing my credit cards, or worse ask the folks for a loan.

In the last 2 weeks, I have received 6 credit cards I didn’t apply for with the total credit being 90K. Believe you me when I say trying to cancel and return them was much harder then getting them in the first place. Sigh…they were so pretty…but who on earth needs 9 credit cards? Yeah, I know they say the annual fees are waived for 3 years but I know them and I know me. They’ll try to sneak in that fee next year and silly me would have forgotten all about the waiver and pay without a murmer. Better to just return the pretty plastic now.

I accidentally locked George in the master bedroom (I now sleep in the living room since all the fans in the bedrooms have exploded. SHIT! Need to buy fan before Dali comes this Friday!) last night. This morning he wouldn’t look at me. I think I’ll stop at Pets Wonderland before going home and buy him something with catnip in it. Sigh.


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